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Heating & Furnace Installation

Heating Installation & Furnace Installation in Richmond & the Tri Cities

If you're interested in upgrading an old heating system or installing a new furnace, call the professionals at Blankenship Mechanical.  Our heating solutions deliver reliable, efficient and proven comfort in your home or business.  We offer a wide selection of furnaces from the industry's most trusted manufacturers.  Each solution is tailored to your exact requirements for size, efficiency, price and features.  And by factoring in the dimensions of your home, insulation quality, windows and doors, unconditioned spaces, hot/cold spots, weather challenges, and duct work we make accurate recommendations to size your new system. 

Why is size so important:

Why not just buy the biggest heating system you can afford?  An oversized furnace will cost you more money up front and throughout it's service life.  Not only are these systems expensive but they reach set temperatures too quickly causing "short cycling."  This places excess wear and tear on components while creating fluctuating temperatures and higher operational costs.  A larger forced air heating system may also require larger duct work.  By carefully sizing your new heating equipment to your specific needs, we'll ensure greater efficiency, reliability, service life, and more consistent heating.  

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